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This review represents the media I have consumed and enjoyed over the previous quarter. The goal of these types of reviews is to give myself a chance to reflect on some of the content I have consumed and to help others discover new material.

It’s difficult to know exactly what kind of rigour to apply when selecting based on quality or enjoyment, but I generally follow the logic that the more of a particular medium I consume, the more selective I am. If I complete a book, for example, that alone is enough to warrant inclusion in this review since I will not finish a book unless it is suitably interesting or entertaining. Conversely, I read many articles and have only included those I believe will be highly impactful for myself and potentially others. The same goal applies to the music I have selected, although I imagine future reviews will include much more new music as my process began late in this quarter.

I have treated podcasts differently to the other mediums in this review; I have only listed those which I believe are consistently impressive but have listed every episode that I listened to of each series as I expect these same series to be featured in reviews to come, so the emphasis is more on tracking which specific episodes I consumed.

If you have any comments on my selections or recommendations for the future, I’d love to hear them. Please reach out through email or Telegram, both of which are linked in the footer of my site.



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