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Key Takeaways

  1. Continually separate your own tasks from other people’s tasks. Discard other people’s tasks.
  2. No matter what has occurred in your life up to this point, it has no bearing at all on how you live from now on.
  3. It is because you are living in vertical relationships that you want to be praised.
  4. It is when you are able to feel “I am beneficial to the community” that you can have a true sense of your worth.
  5. Happiness is the feeling of contribution.
  6. Why is it necessary to be special? Be normal. You do not need to flaunt your superiority.
  7. Whatever meaning life has must be assigned to it by the individual.
  8. You set objectives for the distant future, and think of now as your preparatory period. You think, I really want to do this, and I’ll do it when the time comes. This is a way of living that postpones life.


He dreams of becoming a novelist, but he never completes his work. He says his job keeps him too busy, and he can never find enough time. No! It’s actually that he wants to leave the possibility of “I can do it if I try” open. He doesn’t want to face the reality that he might produce an inferior piece of writing and face rejection. He wants to live inside the realm of possibilities.

Why do you intervene - intruding on other people’s tasks? Because you see the other party as beneath you. Through intervention, you try to lead the other party in the desired direction. You have convinced yourself that you are right and that the other party is wrong.