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  1. Premise
  2. Key Principles
  3. Phases of Mastery
      3.1 Find and occupy the perfect career niche
      3.2 Undertake an apprenticeship
      3.3 Acquire social intelligence
      3.4 Achieve mastery
  4. Application
  5. Resources


The concept of mastery is about achieving tremendous skill in a given area. This is something that is not purely about natural talent or luck, but a deliberate and patient journey to deep levels of understanding and intuition.

“Mastery— the feeling that we have a greater command of reality, other people, and ourselves.

Although it might be something we experience for only a short while, for others— Masters of their field— it becomes their way of life, their way of seeing the world.”

Source: Mastery by Robert Greene

Key Principles

Phases of Mastery

I: Find and occupy the perfect career niche

II: Undertake an apprenticeship

III: Acquire social intelligence

IV: Achieve mastery