This is really my first weeknotes of the year, I only decided to pursue this form of logging this week and as a result wanted to have at least some content written down for the start of the year. From this point forward I am looking to use these logs to write and think in public.

In the previous weeknotes entries, I made the mistake of including links to content I enjoyed. While this can be useful, these weeknotes are not the place to track other people’s work. I use quarterly media consumption posts to track this type of thing.

These weeknotes should work primarily as a way to apply metacognition in my life. It can be quite easy to be swept up by the continuous streams of social media and content being produced, these weekly check-ins will serve as continual re-assessments of my overarching direction and ensure work is being done on my top-priority tasks.

On this note, I am looking to re-structure my site even further. I am looking to make a ‘projects’ page, as my primary aim is to work on long-term projects and use solid note-taking techniques as the basis for the development of these projects. I need to remember that the goal is not to take notes, but to think more effectively.

I’m not certain where my bookshelf should go, but as it should essentially be an input into projects (which are the outputs) then they should probably go into notes. This way I can separate the two sides of the process and view media as fuel for better project work.