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Project ideas

  • HTML snippet which allows a section to share CSV/Anki cards of content in the page i.e. a 'cards' section below blog posts to capture key info and readily import into Anki decks.
  • Productise, market and release a V1.0 of my budgeting spreadsheet. Think through how this could be sold - if not possible, release and collect emails for future plans? Maybe itch.io could be useful for this kind of thing?
  • Pinboard entries can be exported to JSON and templated easily to create a linklog, where descriptions are useful. This would become public but is a very easily way to create a database of articles on my blog.
  • Re-producing engineering nomographs/images using Tufte, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information principles.
  • Hex to RGB (and rgb to hex) tool written in python
      • Transformation should be instant - no need to click 'convert' or similar
    • Tool should identify which type is being input and convert to the other automatically
      • Easy (but potentially 'bad') way to do this is to splice the string so that the first letter is selected. If it is hash, identify input as hex and thus output RGB