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Offline Mode

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Inspired by 100 Rabbits and based on the idea that the internet promotes distraction, ‘Offline Mode’ is a proposed productivity technique where work is completed while being disconnected from the internet. This method operates under the implicit assumption that willpower is not a sufficiently strong force, instead employing a 'hard stop' by turning off a router, switching off wifi hardware in a computer, or some other measure.

Importantly, this mode recognises that digital devices can have positive utility, so there are no restrictions on devices such as my Kindle or Obsidian for note-taking. The key is to restrict further inflows of information, allowing me to process existing information.

A key belief underlying this mode is the idea that delayed gratification is beneficial; there is no requirement to wait for information in the modern age—one can easily jump between blog posts or download newer, more exciting books/resources. Offline Mode enforces informational restrictions and, optionally, can be extended to enforce ‘speed’ limits on the influx of new information outside of these periods of being offline.


  • 100 Rabbits. Working offgrid efficiently
    • With limited access, it is important to use online time wisely. Prior to connecting we make a list of tasks that we must do, such as pushing updates and making backups of our data online.
    • When we have a reliable internet connection, we gather copies of all the online material we will need. We keep offline versions of entire websites, writing guides, articles and even whole sections of Wikipedia (using wget) If we find ourselves without a connection, we can still solve our problems by using our offline mirrors.