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Thought-provoking and entertaining media I’ve enjoyed this year:

Tár (2023)

An absolutely superb film, the best I can recall seeing in recent years. Gorgeous visuals, a magnificent soundtrack, a career-best performance from Blanchett, and a wealth of painstaking research into the nuances of the musical world converge to bring a sublime experience for the viewer. The film asks many questions yet feels no pressure to thrust the answers upon us; indeed, much of the film’s value is found in the contemplation it stirs within the viewer after the credits roll. Given the intricacies of the subject matter and the unusual scenes in the final act, I highly recommend re-watching the film in order to bring another perspective to the viewing—suffice it to say this film is certainly more than the sum of its parts.

Avatar: The Way of Water (2023)

Amazing visuals, definitely a must-watch in cinemas. I much preferred the first two-thirds which were more focused on the world building and scenery, as opposed to the guns/action/revenge plot.

Lightyear (2023)

An enjoyable and lighthearted film that brings some funny scenes but doesn't quite capture the nostalgia I still have for the Toy Story character. I did find myself pausing from my work to watch a few particularly funny scenes, which is a good sign of an engaging movie. A good contribution to children's animated movies.

White Noise (2023)

A strange and captivating film that hooks you from the start. With laugh-out-loud moments and powerful messages, it leaves a lasting impact. However, the latter half feels slow and incomplete, struggling to fully execute its source material. Despite its flaws, this unconventional movie provokes thought and prompts reflection, making it a worthwhile, albeit imperfect, cinematic experience.

The Fabelmans (2023)

This film immerses the viewer in Spielberg's world of cinematic genius, taking us on a journey viewing life from his personal lens. This film offers a truly unique and refreshing story that sets it apart from the rest. Every shot is a work of art, demonstrating Spielberg's unparalleled creativity and vision. Captivating stuff.

Vengeance (2023)

A bit of fun. A relatively easy watch with a few good twists. I predicted the ending but I think most people will be able to. Not bad overall but still 6/10 for me.

The Banshees of Inisherin (2023)

Farrell and Gleeson are both excellent but the ending of this one was just too open-ended for me. I think the pacing through the middle third was probably the biggest drawback, though I must admit I think the idea of a friend simply not wanting to be friends with someone anymore is simultaneously a hilarious and heartbreaking premise. Not bad but sure to be a contentious one for viewers.

Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die (2023)

Tough but worthwhile viewing. This is a story about investigating the concept of 'assisted suicide' as a way to end life in a more dignified way, specifically focusing on those with terminal illnesses. Some courageous conversations and very profound ideas lie within. 7/10.

Creed III (2023)

A couple of good scenes but on the whole did not enjoy this one - not really sure why I thought I would. Can’t recommend.

Clarkson’s Farm: S02 (2023)

Thoroughly enjoyed this unique series about managing a 1,000-acre farm while dealing with a ridiculous level of bureaucracy—it truly reaches an unbelievable level in season two. Really appreciated the change of pace this series brings and hope to see far more stories about niche hobbies and projects.

Chimp Empire: S01 (2023)

Excellent 4-part series, something different. Phenomenal cinematography and superb storytelling.

Succession: S04 (2023)

Season 4 is this show was seriously impressive—every aspect of the show improved upon previous seasons and I anxiously awaited each episode. The season ended extremely well and I will miss watching this each week.

Barry: S04 (2023)

Deja Vu (2023)

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (2023)

Wildlife (2023)