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Can deeptech venture solve climate change?

Podcast notes from an episode of Catalyst with Shayle Kann and Ramez Naam



  • Big influx of capital between 2006-2012 into ‘Cleantech 1.0’
  • Collapse at 2010
  • Lot of money into R&D focused capital lost
  • Potential issues
    • Requires too much capital to scale


  • You can’t/shouldn’t bet on future policies
  • For a long time the prize has not been worth the risk, now it looks like it is
  • More attractive and robust exit opportunities
  • There is a clock ticking on fossil fuels, capital is looking to get a piece of the ‘clean tech’ pie
  • Improvements since ‘cleantech 1.0’
    • Larger market size
    • Talent of employees
    • Proven winner/possible - solar and wind got cheap, batteries getting cheap