I wrote this post because of my endless frustration with my friends who have the most slack in life also being the most risk averse. They have plenty of savings but stay in soul-sucking jobs for years. They complain about the monotony of social life but refuse to instigate a change. They don’t travel, don’t do drugs, don’t pick fights, don’t flirt, don’t express themselves. They don’t want to think about kids because their lives are just so comfortable and why would you mess with that?

They often credit their modest success to their risk-aversion, when it’s entirely due to them being two standard deviations smarter than everyone they grew up with. By refusing to bet on themselves they’re consigned forever to do 20% better than the most average of their peers.

How I’m applying this

The last paragraph resonated with me—I have a large amount of slack but still feel very risk-adverse. I will be looking to invest more aggressively in cryptocurrency and Kelly bet on myself more. This includes looking to acquire a secondary revenue stream as I continue to save for a property hedge career volatility.