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Writing Inbox in Anki

Similarly to the process outlined in revising evergreen notes, I am employing the use of Anki in order to schedule review of writing prompts and transient thoughts. This is as an alternative to capturing them in a note-taking system (think Evernote/OneNote/Simplenote), where they are likely to get lost and not re-visited.

Anki is an unusual choice for note-taking but the scheduling system is perfect for re-surfacing forgotten ideas. Cards can easily be suspended or deleted if useless and various responses can be given depending on how long the user would like to wait before being prompted for any given idea (e.g. ideas not currently of interest can simply be pushed back further). In addition, the prompts can simply be edited if new information or relevant thoughts have occurred since the card was previously shown—in this way there is progressively more fuel being added to any given note, increasing the likelihood it can become part of my evergreen notes.

A key challenge with this arrangement is ensuring this writing inbox does not become overwhelmed with scraps of writing that never get improve upon or deleted. A key focus must be to think through each card carefully, and prevent delaying a decision (to write or to delete) out of uncertainty.