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Evergreen Notes

A concept coined by Andy Matuschak, they are a concept adjacent to that of the zettelkasten. Most notes are never useful again, evergreen notes attempt to remedy this by accumulating insight.

What does this mean? Frankly I’m trying to figure this out myself. I do know that it starts from expanding on a writing inbox which contains fragments of thoughts. It is basically a zero-filter place to capture information, which can then be expanded upon when new thoughts or prompts come to light. For me, I am attempting an experimental approach where these transient notes are captured in a separate deck in Anki: this allows me to rapidly input ideas which will be relayed back to me at a given interval—with a software I’m already familiar with—and ensures notes don’t simply get buried and not resolved (this is currently my biggest issue with note-taking). I’m working on this using a writing inbox in Anki.

An important element of this concept is that you need to be constantly revising evergreen notes